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At Advanced Orthopedic Surgical Specialists Montgomery Alabama, our primary concentration is in the treatment and study of bones, joints, muscles, and certain nerve ailments, but Dr. Pinchback also has a strong interest and extensive experience in treatment of the spine and lower back problems, sports medicine, and adult reconstruction surgery such as total joint reconstruction.

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Arthroscopic Surgery

Working in one of the most dynamic and progressive fields of medicine, 
Dr. Pinchback and his staff rigorously follow changes and developments in orthopedic technologies. Their work in arthroscopic, joint replacement and spine surgeries requires extensive knowledge and skill in the use of rapidly developing techniques and materials. With the newer techniques of Arthroscopic Surgery, Dr. Pinchback has learned of new and less painful ways to manage hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist, and elbow injuries and conditions with faster recoveries.

Fractures and Sprains

Advanced Orthopedic Surgical Specialists also provides comprehensive treatment for broken bones and related sprains, including casting or surgery when needed. At the convenience of our patients, we also provide our own in house x-ray facility.

Total Joints

Joint implant technology is another of the most rapid changing orthopedic procedures. The procedure has improved drastically since the first artificial joints were implanted, and Dr. Pinchback is an expert in the most advanced joint implant techniques, including small incision techniques, and computer assisted techniques. He also has extensive experience and was the first in Montgomery, Alabama  to offer direct anterior total hip replacement surgery and custom computer generated total knee surgery. The doctor is in the forefront of perioperative pain management. His goal is to keep his patients as comfortable as possible after undergoing a surgical procedure.

Upper and Lower Back Surgery

Dr. Pinchback has been providing comprehensive care for patients with lower back pain. He is skilled in minimal invasive, microscopic and comprehensive spinal reconstruction. His objective is to return patients to normal function as quick as possible without significant risks. Dr. Pinchback especially enjoys solving complex spine problems.

Other Services

In an effort to treat the whole patient as efficiently as possible, Dr. Pinchback and his staff encourage open communication between patients, physicians, nurses, and any other health care professionals involved in the patient’s care. “We want our patients to take an active role in their own care and treatment. We value their input and their involvement because we believe it helps speed the healing process.” Patients are often suffering from various types of arthritis. We recognize dilemma in or patients face, and we realize the strain is both physical and emotional.

If you have an orthopedic condition and want to be advised on the most 
appropriate treatment, please call (334)262-0523 to arrange an appointment.

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